Kerb Your Enthusiasm

There’s much debate at Able HQ about the importance of kerb appeal. If you were raised to have the shiniest step on the street a smart looking exterior is a matter of great pride. Others would rather focus on the interior decor and give the neighbours something to talk about.

Whichever side of the (white picket) fence you sit on, there are many simple ways to add a bit of street-side interest.

A freshly painted front door always makes a good first impression. Whether you like Downing Street’s high gloss black, a timeless neutral like Dulux’s 2021 Colour of the Year Brave Ground, or a richer tone from this Farrow & Ball collection, a stylish front door really packs a punch. We love the verdant earthiness of Sap Green.

Switching out door furniture also breathes fresh life into the front of your home. There are so many designs around at the moment, from a minimalist contemporary look, quirky accessories like this beautiful woodpecker knocker from Adams & Mack, or a traditional doorbell, how you choose to style your door makes a big statement.


Annoyingly, tired paintwork catches the eye more than a clean whitewash but freshening up the exterior creates a canvass for more design led touches.

Security lighting can go beyond the purely functional by accenting interesting brickwork or reflecting clean rendering.

The Philips Hue WACA Resonate outdoor wall light in black provides subtle illumination while doubling as an extra security precaution.

Window frames are sometimes overlooked but freshening up paintwork with a crisp white, or Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe immediately improves the look of a property. Even uPVC frames can be painted so if the eyes are the windows to the soul, think of fresh frames as the mascara to your house. Or something like that.

A tiled path is another welcoming sight. London addresses can’t go wrong with classic monochrome or a deep terracotta edged with lavender or rosemary to release a calming scent as you brush past. Planters of small bay and olive trees add height, framing the entrance and making it seem ‘finished’.


Image credit: Modern Country Style

Adding a porch is a slightly larger project but one that creates a LOT more space for coats and shoes, as well as providing extra insulation in the cooler months. Depending on your street you probably won’t need planning permission, alternatively you might consider awning for your front door. Ornate metalwork is a classic look for the city, or a simple wooden canopy will protect you from the elements while you’re fumbling for your house keys.

For those lucky enough to have a front garden, a low wall topped with a fence or railings can tie the whole exterior together. If you have a gravel or paved driveway a wall with inbuilt trough allows you to add some colour and texture with plants or hedging.

Many houses in London have to have their bins at the front so discreet screening is a must. We have created grass topped bin stores to make this a bit less obtrusive.

Now there’s something that will impress the neighbours.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration. We’d love to hear your ideas


Photo credit: Down a Cheshire Lane